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Activities for #OccupyBlackFriday / Buy Nothing Day! #Occupyxmas

Those who Occupy from home have a real opportunity to participate in an important action this week. Did you know that this Friday, November 25/26, is “Buy Nothing Day” (BND)? Did you know that this year, it’s also known as “Occupy Black … Continue reading

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If Corporations Aren’t People, Neither Are People Corporations

Corporations are not people, but people are not corporations, either. Someone who works at Bank of America or Goldman Sachs is not Bank of American or Goldman Sachs. They are people, like you and me. They have favorite meals or holidays. They have parents, children, and siblings. Everyone’s lives and needs matter. Continue reading

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Occupiers: How Do/Will You Represent Me?

To those who say they want to be inclusive and represent us all: Are you open to looking within and confronting the uncomfortable feelings that may arise when you realize that your experience is not my experience, and to really represent me, you will have to learn some ways in which I struggle and you do not? Continue reading

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What Occupiers Need & How To Get It to Them

I’m glad you asked! You can mail stuff, drop it off, or order it from wish lists that have been set up. Here’s what, who, and how: As to what is needed, it varies, but the main need I see … Continue reading

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How to Support the Strike Even if You’re Unemployed/Disabled/Work from Home

A General Strike and Day of Mass Action has been called by Occupy Oakland (#OO) for today, Wednesday, November 2. People around the world are acting in solidarity with #OO. If you are unable to work due to disability, are unemployed, or work at home, you can still strike! Here are some ways you can take part (recognizing that not everyone will be able to do everything — just do what you can). Continue reading

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Disability and Deaf Decolonize/Occupy Groups

Here is a list of groups and pages with a disability or Deaf focus that support the 99 percent/#ows movement. Some are cross-disability, and some are for specific types of disabilities. Please spread the word. A lot of solidarity and … Continue reading

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Decolonizing Our Voices

Originally posted at Cracked Mirror in Shalott. Reposted with permission. by Savannah Nicole Logsdon Today is Autistics Speaking Day, a day when we are particularly asking our allies and allies-to-be to step back to allow the voices of Autistics ourselves to be … Continue reading

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