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Sharon Wachsler divides her time between writing, activism, and dog training — passions that overlap. Sharon has been a freelance writer and editor of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for two decades, focusing primarily on lesbian erotica, disability rights and culture, humor, and service dogs and their training.

Walmart Worker Speaks about Disability, Strikes, Organizing in Rural Community

This post first appeared at Ability Maine. Crossposted here with permission. Low wages, lack of health insurance, concern for elderly and injured coworkers paramount By Sharon Wachsler Static Nonsense* is a disabled blogger I’ve known for a year or two. … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Question 2 Is an #Occupy Issue (it’s not what you think)

Diane Coleman has characterized the leading proponents of legalized assisted suicide as “white, well-off, worried, and well.” They have enjoyed a good deal of control, know exactly what they have to lose, and are determined to retain it until death. Unfortunately, viewing the world from a position of privilege may limit one’s insight into the consequences of a policy change whose greatest impact could fall on socially marginalized groups. Continue reading

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Disability Rights Activists #Occupy PA Capitol to Preserve Medicaid

This post first appeared at Ability Maine blog as “Activist Alert & Breaking News: How YOU Can Support ADAPT Now!“ Disability Rights Activists Take Action to Preserve Medicaid & Attendant Care What You Can Do to Help! Pennsylvania Cuts Reflect National Issues Police Brutality, 83 … Continue reading

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No More Trayvon Martins: Oppose “Stand Your Ground” Laws

The NRA is pushing through “Stand Your Ground Laws” in almost every state. These laws are built on fear, and combined with racism and ableism, are deadly. They are neither sensible nor appropriate self defense laws. Take action today to prevent your state from enacting this law in your state. Continue reading

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Occupy Accessibility

Disabilities might prevent someone from being physically present at Occupy actions, but we repost, repeat, and retweet your blogs, pictures, videos, and tweets. We comment, sign petitions, and participate in online forums. We help you trend and send stories to front pages. Continue reading

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Why #Occupy and Wal-Mart Don’t Mix

This post appeared in a slightly different form first at After Gadget. One of my PCAs used to have a truck with many excellent, snark-intensive bumper stickers. This was one of my favorites: I don’t think it’s entirely fair. It’s … Continue reading

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How Do They Sleep at Night? Interview with Investigative Reporter Arnold Mann

They’re Poisoning Us is the heart-wrenching story about the millions of Americans whose lives have been turned upside-down by toxic exposures, their struggle to find medical help in a world dominated by industry interests, and a medical mainstream that would prefer to write off what they do not understand. Continue reading

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