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If Corporations Aren’t People, Neither Are People Corporations

Corporations are not people, but people are not corporations, either. Someone who works at Bank of America or Goldman Sachs is not Bank of American or Goldman Sachs. They are people, like you and me. They have favorite meals or holidays. They have parents, children, and siblings. Everyone’s lives and needs matter. Continue reading

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How to Support the Strike Even if You’re Unemployed/Disabled/Work from Home

A General Strike and Day of Mass Action has been called by Occupy Oakland (#OO) for today, Wednesday, November 2. People around the world are acting in solidarity with #OO. If you are unable to work due to disability, are unemployed, or work at home, you can still strike! Here are some ways you can take part (recognizing that not everyone will be able to do everything — just do what you can). Continue reading

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I Broke Up with My Megabank in 3 Easy Steps (& You Can, Too!)

You know how it is: When things started out, your bank was so different — small, local, reliable. Then, everything changed. It was like your bank was taken over by someone else and kept changing and changing, till it was … Continue reading

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March to Your Bank TODAY – at HOME!

You may have heard how Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and others in the #Occupy movement have marched to their megabanks and closed their accounts. Today, Friday, October 28, OWS will Deliver Their Message to the 1%. They will go to … Continue reading

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