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Massachusetts Question 2 Is an #Occupy Issue (it’s not what you think)

Diane Coleman has characterized the leading proponents of legalized assisted suicide as “white, well-off, worried, and well.” They have enjoyed a good deal of control, know exactly what they have to lose, and are determined to retain it until death. Unfortunately, viewing the world from a position of privilege may limit one’s insight into the consequences of a policy change whose greatest impact could fall on socially marginalized groups. Continue reading

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Disability Rights Activists #Occupy PA Capitol to Preserve Medicaid

This post first appeared at Ability Maine blog as “Activist Alert & Breaking News: How YOU Can Support ADAPT Now!“ Disability Rights Activists Take Action to Preserve Medicaid & Attendant Care What You Can Do to Help! Pennsylvania Cuts Reflect National Issues Police Brutality, 83 … Continue reading

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No More Trayvon Martins: Oppose “Stand Your Ground” Laws

The NRA is pushing through “Stand Your Ground Laws” in almost every state. These laws are built on fear, and combined with racism and ableism, are deadly. They are neither sensible nor appropriate self defense laws. Take action today to prevent your state from enacting this law in your state. Continue reading

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In Honor of MLK Day: Regular People Make History

This is not a particularly new thought, and in a lot of ways, it’s not particularly deep, but it struck me in a new way recently, so I thought I’d share it with you today, in honor of the birthday … Continue reading

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OccupyVoice: A Resource for Anyone Affected by the Occupy Movement

OccupyVoice is a dedicated phone line staffed by people trained in nonviolent communication (NVC) — also called compassionate communication — to provide support and strategies to anyone who needs it, whether pro, con, or undecided about the Occupy movement. Continue reading

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If Corporations Aren’t People, Neither Are People Corporations

Corporations are not people, but people are not corporations, either. Someone who works at Bank of America or Goldman Sachs is not Bank of American or Goldman Sachs. They are people, like you and me. They have favorite meals or holidays. They have parents, children, and siblings. Everyone’s lives and needs matter. Continue reading

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