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Disability Rights Activists #Occupy PA Capitol to Preserve Medicaid

This post first appeared at Ability Maine blog as “Activist Alert & Breaking News: How YOU Can Support ADAPT Now!“ Disability Rights Activists Take Action to Preserve Medicaid & Attendant Care What You Can Do to Help! Pennsylvania Cuts Reflect National Issues Police Brutality, 83 … Continue reading

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Why #Occupy and Wal-Mart Don’t Mix

This post appeared in a slightly different form first at After Gadget. One of my PCAs used to have a truck with many excellent, snark-intensive bumper stickers. This was one of my favorites: I don’t think it’s entirely fair. It’s … Continue reading

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Disability in the Movement: Including the Invisible

Why should occupations create access for those with chemical injury or electrical sensitivity? Out of solidarity, as well as self-preservation. Continue reading

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