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Disability Rights Activists #Occupy PA Capitol to Preserve Medicaid

This post first appeared at Ability Maine blog as “Activist Alert & Breaking News: How YOU Can Support ADAPT Now!“ Disability Rights Activists Take Action to Preserve Medicaid & Attendant Care What You Can Do to Help! Pennsylvania Cuts Reflect National Issues Police Brutality, 83 … Continue reading

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Why #Occupy and Wal-Mart Don’t Mix

This post appeared in a slightly different form first at After Gadget. One of my PCAs used to have a truck with many excellent, snark-intensive bumper stickers. This was one of my favorites: I don’t think it’s entirely fair. It’s … Continue reading

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A Plagiarised Writer’s Response to #PIPA & #SOPA During the #Blackout

Cross-posted at Bed, Body & Beyond and AfterGadget If you go to Wikipedia today, you will find it blacked out — along with many other websites, blogs, twitter accounts, and more. However, on the Wiki page, along with the blackout … Continue reading

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OccupyVoice: A Resource for Anyone Affected by the Occupy Movement

OccupyVoice is a dedicated phone line staffed by people trained in nonviolent communication (NVC) — also called compassionate communication — to provide support and strategies to anyone who needs it, whether pro, con, or undecided about the Occupy movement. Continue reading

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Activities for #OccupyBlackFriday / Buy Nothing Day! #Occupyxmas

Those who Occupy from home have a real opportunity to participate in an important action this week. Did you know that this Friday, November 25/26, is “Buy Nothing Day” (BND)? Did you know that this year, it’s also known as “Occupy Black … Continue reading

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If Corporations Aren’t People, Neither Are People Corporations

Corporations are not people, but people are not corporations, either. Someone who works at Bank of America or Goldman Sachs is not Bank of American or Goldman Sachs. They are people, like you and me. They have favorite meals or holidays. They have parents, children, and siblings. Everyone’s lives and needs matter. Continue reading

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What Occupiers Need & How To Get It to Them

I’m glad you asked! You can mail stuff, drop it off, or order it from wish lists that have been set up. Here’s what, who, and how: As to what is needed, it varies, but the main need I see … Continue reading

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